Fire Protection Solutions For Rolling Stock

The svt Group of Companies offers high-performance solutions in the field of passive fire protection for rail vehicles, regardless of speed. The large portfolio of products relating to preventive fire protection for high-speed trains, metros, commuter trains etc. is a clear strength of the group. Whether fire protection coatings for the underbody of trains, fire protection solutions for interior or exterior or solutions for safe cable management – all areas to be protected are covered with high-performance materials.

Our systems are already installed in more than one hundred different types of trains. They do not only provide fire protection for rail vehicles, but also meet many other requirements. These include, among others, the resistance to all environmental influences such as temperature, UV radiation and moisture, as well as resistance to many chemicals and external mechanical effects. All these solutions are based on many years of experience and the close and trusting cooperation with our customers. Thanks to in-house research, development activities and exploratory fire tests, svt has built up a reputation for itself as a reliable problem solver and flexible partner for the rolling stock industry.

Safety at Any Speed: Fire Protection Solutions for Rail Vehicles

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Discovering Areas of Application – An Overview of Fire Protection For Rail Vehicles

To learn more about the application areas and the appropriate preventive fire protection solutions for rail vehicles in the field of cable management or structural protection, please click on the markers.

Fire protection solutions for trains and trams
Cable Management exterior: FLAMMADUR® A 365

Underbody Coatings: FLAMMADUR® TE C
Leightweight Composite Floor: SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC
Cable Management interior: FLAMMADUR® F500 PYRO-SAFE® DG CR

Favorites For Fire Protection in Rail Vehicles

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These products around passive fire protection in rail vehicles inspire our partners: Discover intumescent sealants and fire protection fabrics, our proven fire protection coating PYRO-SAFE® DG-SKN and more.

Fire Safety Requirements on Rolling Stock: Charting the Course for Your Safety on Board

Come aboard please!

Boarding Please! How We Ensure Passive Fire Protection

Whether it’s protection of the train underbody, structural preservation of the structure or the topic of cable management – with products from svt you will safely reach your destination. Get aboard and discover our comprehensive solutions for preventive fire protection in rail vehicles. Just one click and the journey begins!


svt: Supplier of Fire Protection Products for Industrial Applications

svt is supplier of a wide array of fire protection products for rolling stock – discover all the options in the video produced by VDB, the German Railway Industry Association named “Verband der Bahnindustrie in Deutschland (VDB) e.V.”.


New two-component PU Fire Protection Coating: FLAMMADUR® TE C

FLAMMADUR® TE C is a new two-component polyurethane-based fire protection coating specially developed for rail vehicles that withstands the highest climatic and mechanical loads. The video shows how FLAMMADUR® TE C is applied in very high layer thicknesses in just one work step and then demonstrates its performance in a large-scale fire test. To create conditions that are as realistic as possible for this purpose, the floor structure of a train was simulated with a 18 mm thick plywood panel.

Passive Fire Protection for
Rolling Stock

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References: The Best Fire Protection Solutions for Every Rail Vehicle

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Different rail vehicle, different requirements: svt has the optimum solutions for passive fire protection from high-speed trains to monorail or tram.

Piccadilly Line, Siemens

  • Underbody areas, cable seals, additional fire protection sealings
  • Implemented in: London, United Kingdom

Tren Maya, Alstom

  • Floor construction
  • Implemented in: Mexico, North America

Metro Warsaw, Škoda Transportation

  • Coating for exterior application
  • Implemented in: Poland


Desiro Israel, Siemens

  • Cable Management
  • Implemented in: Israel

CalTrain, class KISS, Stadler

  • Underbody coating PYRO-SAFE® DG-SKN
  • Implemented in: USA

ICE 4, Siemens

  • Cable Management
  • Surface protection indoors
  • Implemented in: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium

ICE 3, Siemens

  • Partition wall
  • Surface protection indoors
  • Cable management solutions
  • Implemented in: Germany, Netherlands

Innovia Monorail 300, Bombardier

  • Coating of aluminium underframe (outside surface)
  • Implemented in: Brazil, Saudi Arabia

DMU Flirt 3 For Texrail, Stadler

  • Coating of aluminium underframe (outside surface)
  • Surface protection indoors
  • Implemented in: Texas / USA

Chengdu Linie 5, CRR

  • Surface protection indoors
  • Cable management solutions
  • Implemented in: China

Desiro Thameslink / British Class 700, Siemens

  • Coating of aluminium underframe (outside surface)
  • Implemented in: London / UK

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