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FLAMMADUR<sup>®</sup> TE C


Fire protection coating

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FLAMMADUR<sup>®</sup> TE C


Fire protection coating

FLAMMADUR® TE C is a 2-component polyurethane-based material specially designed for use on rolling stock. It is particularly suitable for outdoor use. The material exhibits excellent resistance to climatic and mechanical influences.

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Field of Application

  • Rolling Stock
  • External applications
  • On request
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  • RST test report No. P60-19-8015: The product meets requirements R1 / R7 for hazard levels HL1 – HL3 as per DIN EN 45545-2 (02/2016)
  • Müller-BBM test report No. M147159/01: Test of dynamic, mechanical properties as per DIN EN ISO 6721-3“
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Field of application

FLAMMADUR®  TE C can be applied on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Product features

  • The material can be applied with different application techniques; thick layers can be applied one single operation.
  • Short curing times speed up processes
  • Resistant to chemicals as well as to mechanical and climatic influences
  • Delivery: Comp. A 20 kg tin pail; Comp. B: 2.5 kg; other sizes upon request
  • Curing time (+20 °C): resistant to mechanical loads < 24 hours


  • The substrate must be free from contamination.
  • For ease of application, it is recommended to bring Component A to a temperature of up to +50 °C.
  • Agitate (stir up) Component A well before applying it.
  • Mix Component A and Component B with each other very well in the appropriate weight ratio
  • The preferred application is by airless spray (nozzle opening >0,051 inch). Other application techniques include compressed-air spraying (nozzle opening 4mm), brushing and rolling – these other techniques require adding solvents
  • Component A can be admixed with ethyl acetate or xylol (xylene).


  • The product meets the requirements of R1 / R7 for hazard levels HL1-HL3 in acc. with DIN EN 45545-2 (02/2016)
    RST PB-Nr. P60-19-8015
  • Testing of dynamic mechanical properties in acc. with EN ISO 6721-311
    Müller-BBM PB-Nr. M147159/01


New two-component PU Fire Protection Coating: FLAMMADUR® TE C

FLAMMADUR® TE C is a new two-component polyurethane-based fire protection coating specially developed for rail vehicles that withstands the highest climatic and mechanical loads. The video shows how FLAMMADUR® TE C is applied in very high layer thicknesses in just one work step and then demonstrates its performance in a large-scale fire test. To create conditions that are as realistic as possible for this purpose, the floor structure of a train was simulated with a 18 mm thick plywood panel.

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FLAMMADUR<sup>®</sup> TE C


Fire protection coating