Sustainability at svt

Our path to sustainable business

Climate-conscious action

Our measures to reduce and compensate CO2

Climate change is a major issue today and requires long-term and targeted changes in all areas of life, including the economy. At the svt Group, we have set ourselves the goal of gradually reducing our CO2 emissions over the coming years. Where this is not-or not yet-possible, we want to offset our emissions by investing in climate protection.

Central and local initiatives

We are looking at the options of  

  • installing PV systems in our buildings.
  • using green energy and natural gas. 


Some of our facilities are already equipped with PV systems, for example Pyroguard in Haydock, UK and Flamro in Leiningen, Germany. 

Together, we also want to take action to protect the climate at our sites and in the surrounding areas. To achieve this, we cooperate with local nature conservation organisations and support their work.

PV system at Pyroguard in Haydock, United Kingdom
PV system at Flamro in Leiningen, Germany
Teamwork for a local nature conservation project in Hamburg, Germany

Investing in an international project for climate protection

We support the “Buenos Aires Renewable Energy Project” in Brazil and have thereby offset ten per cent of our emissions from 2021.

As part of the project, the fuel of a ceramics factory was switched from illegal firewood to agricultural and industrial waste. The initiative therefore reduces deforestation, avoids greenhouse gas emissions and promotes a more sustainable supply chain.

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Investing in a regional environmental protection project

We also want to get involved here in Europe: That’s why we support the “Bergwaldprojekt e.V.”. For every employee who joined the svt Group in 2021, a tree will be planted in the northern Black Forest. In this way, we contribute to the protection and preservation of our local forests.

Find out more about the project

Data basis: Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)

In 2021, we started calculating the annual corporate carbon footprint for the companies within the svt Group in Germany. This data is used as the basis of our sustainability activities.