Fire Protection for Cable Installations: Effective Measures for Preventing Cable Fires

Cable installations are found in all types of modern buildings – from industrial plants to power stations and office buildings. Cables are routed on countless cable support systems that run hidden in cable tunnels, behind wall and ceiling cladding.

Electrical cables are prone to self-ignition as a result of overheating or short circuiting; also, they can be set ablaze by exposure to external fire or heat. In either case, flames will spread along the cables with lightning speed because cable sheaths and insulations are usually combustible.

Approved solutions for cable fire protection exert a delaying effect on the spread of fire and will thus help to keep damage to a minimum.

Fire Safety Solutions Designed to Keep Cable Installations Intact All Around: Proven Protection Tailored to Your Needs and Requirements

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Comparative fire behaviour of cable trays (from left to right): coated with PYRO-SAFE® FLAMMOTECT-A, wrapped with PYRO-SAFE® DG-CR 0.7, unprotected cables

Effective protection of cable installations throughout the world: Our tried and tested products PYRO-SAFE® FLAMMOTECT-A and PYRO-SAFE® DG-CR 0.7 reliably protect cables routed through high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, offshore installations as well as in highly sensitive areas, e.g. hospitals, airports, production plants, power stations, substations and nuclear facilities.

Fire protection coating PYRO-SAFE® FLAMMOTECT-A and fire protection bandage PYRO-SAFE® DG-CR 0.7 exhibit excellent resistance: They form a reliable protective shield around the cables and also enhance their insulation performance against environmental influences such as UV radiation, salt water, oil and other chemicals.

The Benefits of svt’s All-Round Fire Protection Solutions for Cables and Cable Trays

Effective inhibition of flame spread: Our solutions are designed to prevent flame spread and to enable speedy firefighting operations.
Maintenance of circuit integrity in the event of a fire: Our cable fire protection solutions are designed to ensure that cables will remain fully functional even in the face of fire, thus safeguarding reliable power supply and unbroken communication.
Protection from external influences: Our products offer a robust shield that protects cables from environmental hazards such as moisture, dust, UV radiation and chemicals.
Wide range of applications: Our fire protection solutions for cables are conceived for indoor and outdoor environments alike. They are at work in (nuclear) power plants, substations, production plants and industrial facilities, infrastructure objects and public buildings.
Safe and reliable: Our fire protection for cable installations are designed to ensure that all your wire and cable runs meet top-notch safety standards and that they will remain reliably protected in the event of an emergency.

Cable Coatings and Cable Bandage: Solutions for Reliable Cable Fire Protection


  • Available in different viscosities
  • Even thick layers can be applied in one operation
  • No electrical derating required
  • Approved for use in nuclear facilities (awarded with multiple approvals)
  • Resistant to moisture, freeze-thaw cycling, UV radiation as well as various oils and chemicals
  • Saltwater-proof

PYRO-SAFE® DG-CR 0.7 Cable Bandage

  • Approved to standard FM 3971
  • No need to pre-clean cable installations
  • Convenient subsequent cable installation –
    without any rework
  • No film thickness measurement required
  • Weatherproof – can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Resistant to moisture, freeze-thaw cycling, UV radiation as well as various oils and chemicals

Fit for Adverse Weather Conditions: Added Protection for Cables from External Influences

Outdoor cables are affected by a multitude of environmental influences: exposure to UV radiation, oil or chemicals causes cables to become brittle and flammable. Cable sheaths are not usually designed to withstand these kinds of environmental impact so that there is a significantly increased risk of fire and failure.

Providing cables with extra layer of protection, either by means of a special coating or by wrapping them with cable bandage, will extend the cables’ service life while reducing the risk of failure. Downtimes are thus a thing of the past.

Effective Fire Protection Penetration Seals for Safety to Rely on: Cable Runs and Cable Installations Approved to IEC 60331, IEC 60332 or FM 3971

Cable coating PYRO-SAFE® FLAMMOTECT-A and cable bandage PYRO-SAFE® DG-CR 0.7 have been specially developed for the protection of cable installations; they are approved to IEC 60331, IEC 60332, FM 3971. They reliably prevent fire propagation on electrical cables whilst maintaining circuit integrity over a defined period of time.

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