How to Circumnavigate the Risk of a Fire at Sea – With Smart Cable Penetration Sealing Systems

Fire on board of a ship is generally considered as one of the most hazardous scenarios on the high seas because unlike is the case with fire incidents ashore, there is no emergency exit that will lead directly onto solid ground. Add to this the stack effect (also known as chimney effect) which turns narrow emergency exits into traps in no time due to the fast spread of fire in conjunction with the release of toxic flue gas. In order to effectively protect all people and property on board, meticulous proactive risk analysis and system-sensitive planning work are required – long before things get too hot to handle! Cables and cable penetrations pose major safety hazards and thus deserve particular attention in this regard because electrical fires rank among the frequent causes of fire also aboard watercraft. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to clear the decks by implementing well-conceived fire protection measures in good time: with smart cable penetration sealing systems – and with a partner by your side whose expertise reaches deep and wide in all aspects of fire safety and who has made a name for itself as a top-notch manufacturer of reliable products and systems that have been proving their worth and value many times over on board of civil and military vessels alike.

Our Fire Protection Solutions for Cable Penetrations Help Ships Travel Safely Through Any Waters

svt is a long-time leader in the development and manufacture of innovative fire protection products and systems designed for industry and mobility applications across the globe. A major focus is on tailormade passive fire protection solutions for the maritime and offshore industry. Our multiple penetration sealing system, which we have specially developed for cables and their periphery, meets our clients’ request for all-round user friendliness while also complying with the stringent safety requirements established by the UN International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

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Maximum occupancy (fill capacity) und suitable for all types of cables: penetration sealing system GEAQUELLO® E 950

All-Round Fire Protection for Cable Penetrations: Gasproof, Waterproof, Future-Proof!

All it takes to ensure simple and safe installation of our penetration sealing system GEAQUELLO® E 950 – a system certified to SOLAS standards up to fire resistance class A60 – is formwork and sealing compound. The system excels across the board: It is designed for both bulkhead and floor penetrations – plus it can accommodate cables of any type and offers the highest permitted occupancy rate (fill capacity) in the market! The multiple cable penetration sealing is easy to install and comes with retrofit modules that prepare the system for subsequent installation of further cables.

Fire protection for cable penetrations – built fast, to last! All system benefits at a glance:

suitable for any type of ship
safe above and below the water line
fast and space-saving installation
highest occupancy rate
low material requirements – low costs
easy calculation and procurement process
round, oval, rectangular, symmetrical or asymmetrical – the right solution for every need
future-proof (convenient retrofit option thanks to GEAQUELLO® E 234 and E 234T)
optionally available materials (GEAQUELLO® E 292 or FLAMMADUR® A 386) provide a reliable seal against all known media

Weight Comparison of Waterproof Systems

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Example calculation: Weight of all system components (476 penetrations) required for a vessel of class NGMV Corvette.

Start Building a Safe Future Today – With GEAQUELLO® E 234!

The globally patented retrofit modules ensure speedy subsequent installation (retrofitting) of cables on ships. The modules are conceived for both bulkhead and floor areas, and they are available in different diameters. The modules serve as placeholders in cable penetration systems protected with the GEAQUELLO® E 950 sealing system, and they form a stable insulation layer in the event of a fire. Thanks to their special design, cable sheaths will not be strained in the retrofitting process. Furthermore, the material of which the retrofit modules are made is not only easy but also fast to perforate – in fact, 5 to 10 times faster than the sealing compound as such.

GEAQUELLO® E 234 will help you expand your installation leeway into the future – without the least system limits or restraints and with nothing but advantages across the board.

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Modular penetration sealing systems ensure hassle-free retrofitting of cables

Destination: Safety Plus – Our Fire Protection Add-Ons for Cable Penetrations

Sealing compound, retaining modules, impregnation fluid: All it takes for fast and easy installation of your cable penetration seal is these three basic components! By combining them with other products, you will obtain the perfect solution for your specific cable penetration sealing needs, whatever they may be!

Components for Optimum Sealing of Cable Penetrations on Board of Ships

System components:

GEAQUELLO® E 950 - Sealing compound

GEAQUELLO® E 950 is used as a sealing compound as part of our GEAQUELLO® E 950 system, which is used to create safe cable or pipe penetrations in fire resistance class A-60 according to IMO-Resolution A.754(18) for bulk - head and deck penetrations. Sealing length 180 mm.

GEAQUELLO® R 312 / R 380 - Retaining modules

GEAQUELLO® R 312/ R 380 are yellow formed strips (retaining modules). They are needed for the building up of the end wall of the sealing system.

GEAQUELLO® E 824 - Impregnation Fluid

Impregnation Liquid GEAQUELLO® E 824 for GEAQUELLO® Systems E 795 and E 950. GEAQUELLO® E 824 is an aqueous solution of colloidal silicic acid. Colour-ton: blue

Optional components:

A range of installation aids and tools (such as 2C cartridge guns, filling pumps for the sealing compound, wooden stirrers or a calculation matrix) are available from us and will be gladly provided upon request.

Flying the Flag of Fire Safety – References (Selection)

Whether it’s carrier vessels, cruise ships, ferries, navy ships, yachts or supply ships for offshore facilities – svt penetration sealing systems are on board to keep watercraft safe as they glide through the waters of the world. Ever more professionals rely on our proven expertise: Let us assist you, too, in steering a safe course at all times!

Infinity Nine, AVA Yachts

  • Project Class: Kando 110 Series
  • Long-distance research vessel
  • Length: 34 m

PN Milgem, ASFAT

  • Project class: Corvette
  • Length: 108.2 m
  • Width: 14,8 m

MS World Navigator, Mystic Cruises, West Sea Shipyard (Portugal)

  • Passenger Cruise Ship
  • Total length: 120 m
  • Width: 18 m

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