Fire Protection for Batteries: Lightweight Solutions for Battery Cases

High-performance batteries are key drivers of the technology-inspired world we live in, and their impact is steadily rising, not least due to today’s fast-changing mobility landscape. The requirements and expectations on a modern battery are increasing at the same time: “Minimum weight – maximum performance” is the prime principle to go by in state-of-the-art battery development and design. In order to adapt to this demand in the area of fire protection as well, svt, in cooperation with SAERTEX, has developed a solution to realise fire-proof lightweight constructions and designs of battery cases.

Battery systems with high energy density can reach temperatures of over 1,400 °C and may cause an explosion in the event of a battery fire, accompanied by a massive release of particles and gases. This is why today’s industry focus is not only on lightweight construction, but also on aspects such as thermal event prevention (burn-through protection) and protection against the release of substances that are harmful to health and the environment.

We at svt fully meet this growing complexity of requirements for a combination of lightweight construction and fire protection for batteries by offering a dedicated composite fabric that makes the perfect solution for the production of fire-safe and low-weight battery cases: SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC.

All-round Safety for Battery Case Covers: Glass Fibre Fabric Treated with Fire Protection Coating

SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC is a non-woven glass fibre fabric with an integrated intumescent fire protection coating. The material was created to meet the highest design and mechanical requirements and to ensure all-round fire protection for all kinds of applications within the transportation sector. The material is up to 40% lighter than aluminium and thus ideal for saving weight on battery cases!



  • More Advanced
    Next-level fire protetion concept designed for battery cells, modules and packs – complies with the most stringent fire safety standards
  • Lighter
    Provides up to 40% weight savings compared to aluminium
  • Easier to Use
    Easy to use thanks to the integrated fire protection coating and the low content of binders
  • More Flexible
    Workable and thus customisable fire protection fabric to fit design needs across all areas of application
  • Faster
    Significant time and cost savings due to reduced processing effort thanks to the integrated fire protection coating
  • More Resilient
    Extremely resilient to mechanical and thermal stress

Areas of Application of SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC: Electric Vehicles, Battery Modules, Battery Boxes

This is where battery fire protection and lightweight construction are seamlessly integrated with each other to deliver the best of benefits in every respect: SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC is a tried and tested material in the most diverse e-mobility battery environments. It provides fire protection not only to e-vehicle battery modules, but also to battery cell structures and battery boxes. E-scooters and e-bikes also benefit from SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC as the material protects battery cases and covers alike from fire.

Did You Know?

Aluminium or steel used in electric vehicles are designed to have a lifespan of 200,000 kilometres, whereas the lifespan of composite fabric SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC is five times as long.

Effective Fire Protection in Case of a Battery Accident

Clear evidence of the protective effect of SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC has been provided in our patented test procedure.

Battery Impact Test

Battery Impact Test

A patented test procedure enables svt to simulate the loads acting on a battery housing during a battery event. The video impressively shows how a conventional unprotected aluminium plate behaves in comparison to an aluminium plate insulated with fire protection material SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC. The additional material prevents the system from burning through, thus protecting the environment from the escape of fire and hot gases.

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Andreas Pfitzinger

Andreas Pfitzinger

Product Manager Transportation