KERAFIX® Everseal – a New Generation of Fire Protection Gaskets

Profile gaskets are essential structural elements because they provide wide-ranging protection against thermal and acoustic impact. Fire protection gaskets of the KERAFIX® Everseal brand can do even more: In the event of a fire, they will expand to form a solid barrier that prevents flames and smoke from passing through. These innovative fire protection gaskets, which are manufactured by coextrusion, turn high-quality doors into all-round fireproof doors. “KERAFIX® Everseal“ fire protection gaskets make the system – and the difference when things get too hot to handle.

Our fire protection gaskets are made to measure to suit fire protection doors, fire protection glazings, fire protection dampers, safes and safety cabinets. We also deliver customised seals and gaskets to accommodate any industrial fire protection needs. Our fire protection gaskets are officially approved and comply with the applicable building regulations. Regardless of where and when the fire protection gaskets are at work: They take passive fire protection to unprecedented high levels of performance.

Safety Made to Measure: Fire Protection Gaskets as Unique as Your Project

Having earned a solid reputation as experts in passive structural fire protection, we are perfectly acquainted also with the specific needs of the OEM industries. Thanks to the use of innovative materials, special fire resistance testing methods and third-party certification, we deliver nothing less than bespoke solutions of all-time top-notch quality.

Fire protection engineering for building components is also a focus of ours, and so the fire protection gaskets in the “KERAFIX® Everseal“ series cater to a wide range of requirements and installation scenarios. They protect, for example, fire protection doors made of wood, steel or aluminium, as well as smoke protection doors, glazings, façades, safety cabinets and safes. Whether you require a one-off element or serially produced items: Our state-of-the-art machinery measures up to any need in terms of size and shape – and to any challenge!

This also applies to our our research and development department that has created leading-edge products, such as intumescent gaskets or coextrusion profiles. All our products bear testimony to our unwavering commitment to meticulous investigation, testing and verification. In these processes, we rely not only on our in-house laboratories (equipped with special fire resistance testing furnaces for real-world simulation), but also involve independent inspection institutes.As we implement every solution in accordance with standard DIN EN ISO 9001, clients are always on the safe side with our bespoke fire protection gaskets for building components.

Coextrusion – What Is It?

Coextrusion (or co-extrusion) is a manufacturing technology that combines the benefits of two materials into one single product. By bringing together similar or dissimilar plastics melts – e. g. an intumescent granular material and an entropy-elastic (rubber-elastic) smoke protection material – and then moulding the co-extrudate into the desired shape, a single high-performance profile is created, such as the intumescent gaskets of the “KERAFIX® Everseal NG-CN“ series.
Secondary processing requirements and preferences such as custom decoration, overall visual appearance etc. are also accommodated by the coextrusion technology.
Manufacturers greatly benefit from this unique material synergy as it enables them to increase productivity by streamlining and thus “leanifying” their range.

Fire-Proof – Future-Proof: Lasting Safety by Design

The custom profiles in the KERAFIX® Everseal series for fire protection doors, fire protection glazings, fire protection façades and fire protection safety cabinets are all-foaming (expanding) fire protection gaskets based on graphite. When exposed to fire, these so-called intumescent gaskets develop into a solid, pressure-resistant foam body that is capable of sealing off joints to prevent fire propagation.

Graphite-based variants – available in three different options:

L (low)

H (high)

P (power)

Variant NG: Fire Protection Gasket for High-Temperature Applications (30-90 Minutes)

The “KERAFIX® Everseal NG“ series offers the following features:

  • Expansion factor: 10- to 20-fold (450 °C, 30 min, with load)
  • Expansion pressure: from 0.4 to 0.7 N/mm²
  • Onset of reaction: at approx. 175 °C
  • Recommended for: building structures having obtained EI 30 to EI 90 fire resistance ratings
  • Classification: E as per DIN EN 13501-1
  • Maximum resistance to moisture


KERAFIX® Everseal NG-N is an all-foaming fire protection gasket based on expanded graphite; it comes in three different options: L, H and P. KERAFIX® Everseal NG-CN, by contrast, is a coextruded variant based on expanded graphite; it features a non-foaming component (e.g. on TPE basis) and also comes in the options L, H and P.

All about "KERAFIX® Everseal NG" series
KERAFIX<sup>®</sup> Everseal NG-N Series fire protection products are intumescent materials based on expanded graphite that foam up when exposed to temperature.
A fire protection profile seal of the KERAFIX<sup>®</sup> Everseal T N series.

Variant T: Fire Protection as Flexible as It Gets (30-60 Minutes)

The “KERAFIX® Everseal T“ series comes with the following features:

  • 3 to 6.5-fold foaming factor (450 °C, 30 min, without load)
  • Pressureless expansion (< 0.1 N/mm²)
  • Onset of reaction at approx. 180 °C
  • Recommended for EI30 building components
  • Classification E in acc. with DIN EN 13501-1
  • Classification HL2 in acc. with Requirements Set R22 (DIN EN 45545-2)
  • Insensitive to moisture and humidity


KERAFIX® Everseal T N is the foaming TPE-based variant in the series, whereas KERAFIX® Everseal T S is the completely non-foaming variant. KERAFIX® Everseal T CN comes in between: It is a TPE-based coextruded variant that includes a non-foaming component.

All about "KERAFIX® Everseal T" series

The fire protection profiles in the “KERAFIX® Everseal“ series are the epitome of capability – and flexibility:

They can be manufactured to your specific needs and requirements
They can be laminated with different materials: for example, design variants SK (self-adhesive on one side) or DF (with PVC cover films) and others
They meet the requirements for 30 to 90 minutes of fire resistance
If attachment to non-standard structures is envisaged, they can be supplied without a self-adhesive layer
They are available on rolls or in strips in different material shore hardnesses

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Product Manager Building Components – OEM