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Fire Protection Solutions for Rolling Stock

Come aboard please!

Come aboard please!

Whether it’s train underbody protection, structural preservation or cable management – with products made by svt, you are sure to reach your destination Step aboard and explore our comprehensive range of fire protection solutions for rolling stock. Just click here to start the discovery journey!

Fire Protection Solutions for Ships & Offshore

Cast off!

Cast off!

From the engine room to the outside deck – come aboard and experience the wide-ranging use and capabilities of high-quality fire protection solutions for ships with just one click. Whether on cruise ships, cargo vessels or ferries, with sealing systems such as GEAQUELLO® E 950 and GEAQUELLO® CPS or products like e.g., FLAMMADUR® E 292 T, cable and pipe penetrations are easily and reliably installed.

Fire Testings


FLAMMADUR® TE C – Coating & Fire Test

FLAMMADUR® TE C is a new two-component PU-based fire protection coating specially developed for Rolling Stock and designed to withstand the highest climatic and mechanical loads. The video shows how FLAMMADUR® TE C is applied in very high layer thicknesses in just one work step and how it impressively demonstrates its performance in a large-scale fire test. In order to create the most realistic conditions possible, for this final test of development the floor structure of a train was simulated with a 18mm thick sheet of plywood.

Battery Impact Test

Battery Impact Test

A patented test procedure enables svt to simulate the loads acting on a battery housing during a battery event. The video impressively shows how a conventional unprotected aluminium plate behaves in comparison to an aluminium plate insulated with fire protection material SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC. The additional material prevents the system from burning through, thus protecting the environment from the escape of fire and hot gases.

Installation Videos

Installation Video PYRO-SAFE® DG-SC

Installation Video PYRO-SAFE® DG-SC

PYRO-SAFE® DG-SC is a penetration sealing system with intumescent filler. It is designed to seal off penetrations of cables bundles with an outside diameter of up to 180 mm.



This mixed penetration seal is made of mineral fibre board treated with an ablative fire protection coating.

Installation Video PYRO-SAFE® NOVASIT BM

Installation Video PYRO-SAFE® NOVASIT BM

PYRO-SAFE® Novasit BM is a mixed penetration seal made of special mortar; it is designed for passing a multitude of different cable/pipe combinations through the same transit opening.

Installation Video – GEAQUELLO® CPS

Installation Video – GEAQUELLO® CPS Cable penetration system for ships and offshore solutions

GEAQUELLO® CPS is a cable penetration system with fire resistance class A-60 according to IMO-Resolution A.754(18) for bulkhead and floor penetrations. Sealing length 130 mm.

Installation Video – GEAQUELLO® E 950

Installation Video – GEAQUELLO® E 950 for ships and offshore applications

GEAQUELLO® E 950 is a sealing system for making removable, fire-retardant, gas- and watertight cable and pipe ducts for ships and offshore applications.

Installation Video – GEAQUELLO® E 234

Installation Video – GEAQUELLO® E 234 retrofit modules for ships and offshore solutions

The retrofit modules GEAQUELLO® E 234 consist of a flame-resistant and a swelling fire protecting material based on polyurethane. GEAQUELLO® E 234 is free of fibres and solvents.

Installation Video – FLAMMADUR® A 365

Installation Video – FLAMMADUR® A 365 for cable and pipe penetrations in rail vehicles

FLAMMADUR® A 365 is a black two-component polyurethane casting resin that forms an insulating layer. It is suitable for the production of cable penetrations, elastic panels and moulded parts for preventive fire protection.

Installation Video – PYRO-SAFE® CT

Installation Video – PYRO-SAFE® CT

PYRO-SAFE® CT is a self-contained penetration seal for cables, cable bundles, electrical installation pipes, and other coverings, which optimally meets all fire protection regulations and convinces by its simplicity. PYRO-SAFE® CT Cable Tube is available in 60-, 90-, and 120-millimeter diameter, and thus offers an extensive range for every requirement.