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For more than fifty years, the svt Group of Companies has been recognised as a leading full-service provider in the field of passive structural fire protection and industrial fire stop applications. With our brands PYRO-SAFE®, ROKU®, KERAFIX®, FLAMRO®, FLAMMADUR®, GEAQUELLO®, FLEXILODICE®, VENTILODICE®, MORTON®, PYROGUARD and FIREBREATHER® we offer Europe‘s most comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art fire protection products and applications. We at svt share a mission, namely “to protect lives”. And even more: With our established and innovative products as well as services, we work to ensure the protection of our clients’ property, buildings and vehicles – on water, on land and in the air. This is the mission statement of our Group of Companies, which is summed up in our claim “Protect what matters. Learn more about our claim here.

Thanks to our high-performance production processes and fire testing furnaces at several locations, which are tied in with modern in-house research & development centres, we can consistently excel at what we do by delivering both certified standard solutions and perfectly customised solutions tailored to specific needs. Our dedicated teams integrate seamlessly across over 80 national establishments and international subsidiaries, and they are backed by a partner network in severeal countries so that we are there whenever a customer needs us.

Whether you require fire protection solutions for residential structural engineering or industrial construction projects, infrastructure, energy, aviation, ships, rolling stock, fire protection doors, batteries or customised industrial applications – svt is your reliable partner of choice.



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All References

MEW Substation Kuwait University, Kuwait

  • Cable coating and penetration seals by svt
  • Standards: FM 3971, ASTM E814 and UL 1479

Airport Munich, Germany

  • International airport with approx. 413,500 aircraft movements and approx. 53 million passengers
  • Cable penetration and combined penetration sealings by svt

CalTrain, class KISS, Stadler

  • Underbody coating PYRO-SAFE® DG-SKN
  • Implemented in: USA


  • PYRO-SAFE® DG-HF coatings
  • The aim is to provide burnthrough protection and simultaneously reducing weight.

Refinery Sines, Portugal

  • One of Europe’s largest refineries
  • Capacity: 10 million tons per year, i.e. 220,000 barrels per day
  • Cables are protected with PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect-A coating

Energy Project, Middle East

  • 13.6 km long utility tunnel
  • Approx. 37,000 m² of HV cable surfaces protected in accordance with FM Approval Class 3971
  • PYRO-SAFE®cable coatings and penetration sealings

Who We Are

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Founding Year 1969
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more than 1.800 Staff Size


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International Operations
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more than 300 Million Euro Turnover


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Scope of Activities:
  • Fire protection products and applications
  • Fire protection services
  • Damage restoration management
  • Fire protection planning & organisation
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Registered Trademarks:
  • FLAMRO ®
  • ROKU ®


svt Group of Companies
Gluesinger Strasse 86
21217 Seevetal – Germany