Fire Protection for the Aviation and Aircraft Industry

Aircraft are enclosed spaces. If a fire breaks out on board during a flight, flames and flue gas will aggregate into a dense cluster, spreading across the whole area in no time. In order to keep people and property safe, prevention is essential – with state-of-the-art fire protection technologies and a proven expert by your side who will help you put an effective stop to fire long before things get too hot to handle. The svt Group of Companies boasts a long track record of specialist experience in aircraft fire protection and delivers high-quality products for all types of aircraft and aviation facilities. Whether it is passenger planes, cargo planes, military planes or learjets, whether helicopters, drones, microlight aircraft or advanced air mobility vehicles (AAM) – when it comes to air traffic safety, svt will never “make way for leeway”.

Our preventive fire protection solutions are rooted in many years of industry expertise, and they result from our close and trustful cooperation with each client. Thanks to in-house research and development activities in conjunction with a consistent focus on client-specific needs and customised solution-finding paths, svt has made a name for itself as a reliable problem-solver and flexible partner to the aviation industry.

A Safe Bet for High Flyers: Fire Protection for the Aviation Industry

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Passive Fire Protection for the Aircraft Industry: Low Weight – High Performance

Lighter means more efficient (and eco-friendlier) – this equation also holds for fire protection materials used in aircraft. In order to ensure that safety in lightweight design never falls by the wayside, we have developed a unique material that covers the specific needs and requirements of aviation engineering: SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC. This smart material comes as a glass fibre fabric with an integrated fire protection coating designed to expand in the event of a fire, thus forming a reliable insulating barrier (intumescent effect). Since the glass fibre fabric and the fire protection coating constitute an inseparable whole by design, no pre-installation treatment is required on site. The material is extremely lightweight and, thanks to its excellent deformation properties, it is also flexible in use. Furthermore, SAERTEX LEO® COATED FABRIC meets the most stringent fire protection requirements – therefore, it is the fire protection material of choice for composite materials.

Fire Protection Solutions for Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources play an ever greater role also in the aviation and aircraft engineering industry. Whether it is passenger planes, helicopters, cargo planes or eVTOL air taxis – safety on board must be a top priority at all times and without exception. Remember that reliable fire protection solutions are also sure to pave the way to the future by propelling technological progress! Based on our long-standing experience, we have developed a range of powerful products and lightweight solutions for battery cases and their covers to effectively counteract thermal runaway events. Batteries are only as safe as the measures taken to protect them. All-round battery protection requires specialist expertise in tandem with uncompromising commitment – and that exactly is what you will get from us.

Product Highlights for Fire Protection in Aircraft

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Safety on the Rise: References from the Aviation Industry

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Even the loftiest of projects are in good hands with us. Therefore, numerous renowned companies engaged in the aviation industry rely on our expertise and service in all matters relating to fire protection.


  • PYRO-SAFE® DG-HF coatings
  • Designed to provide burnthrough protection and weight reduction.


  • PYRO-SAFE® DG-HF coatings
  • Designed to provide burnthrough protection and weight reduction


  • PYRO-SAFE® DG-HF coatings
  • Designed to provide burnthrough protection and weight reduction.


  • PYRO-SAFE® DG-HF coatings
  • The aim is to provide burnthrough protection and simultaneously reducing weight.

Bombardier Learjet

  • PYRO-SAFE® DG-AAF coatings
  • Designed to provide burnthrough protection and weight reduction

Our Passion Is Innovation

Research & Development

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Quality Control

Quality management of the svt group of companies is certified according to ISO 9001. We not only carefully monitor our high quality ourselves, but also have it checked by TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Süd and Lloyd’s Register. We also document our work safety with a certificate according to SCCP.

Discretion and Confidentiality

The svt group of companies assures all its customers absolute discretion. Confidentiality applies to all phases of cooperation and does not end after completion of the project.

Developed and Produced in Germany

The svt group of companies achieves the high quality of its products, systems and services through the excellent networking of its locations in Germany and the rapid response to the individual needs of its customers.

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