Fire Protection Solutions for Shaft Walls

Buildings today are much more than just enclosed space surrounded by walls: They are veined and webbed with technical installations of the most varied types that run from room to room, from floor to floor. Service pipes and cables are the lifeblood of modern buildings!

Therefore, preventive fire protection of structural features such as service shafts is more important than ever. Service shafts offer a distinct benefit in that they allow dense vertical co-routing of different utility lines – they are thus a space-saving and cost-efficient option. However, this benefit is prone to melting away in no time if shafts are not properly protected against the risk of fire: Once a fire has been kindled, it takes on a life of its own and begins to blaze, with flames and smoke spreading across the entire building at a frantic pace.

This is why implementation of fire protection measures in service shafts requires special competency and consideration: No two existing service shafts are alike, retrofitting of installations may cause structural vulnerabilities or weaknesses, and even newly built service shafts are not in themselves devoid of pitfalls, as it were, because a variety of aspects (including the type, location and height of adjacent rooms) need to be taken into account; also of course, the legal environment differs from one country to another.

We at svt have built up a wealth of expertise and many years of experience in this highly sophisticated field. We have developed shaft wall solutions that not only comply with stringent statutory requirements, but are also designed with an all-round hands-on approach by combining ease of installation and efficiency.

Securing Shaft Walls Against Fire

Shaft walls in buildings are usually made of metal stud walls that are planked on one side and thinner than conventional lightweight or solid wall structures. As most fire protection penetration seals are approved for structural elements with a minimum thickness of 100 mm, installation of such fire protection solutions in shaft walls mandatorily requires additional measures.

svt Penetration Sealing Systems: Custom-fit for Shaft Walls

Penetration sealing systems PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect OSI and KSL double layer have been successfully tested and approved for installation in 2×20 mm shaft walls, exhibiting a fire resistance rating of 120 minutes, resp. (EI 120 in acc. with DIN EN 13501-2 / Fire Resistance Classification of Building Elements). With these custom-fit solutions from svt, additional planking or panelling is not required to create a reliable fire protection seal.

PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect OSI

Fire resistance class

  • EI 120 as per EN 13501-2


Area of use

  • Approved for 2- or 3-layer installation in in shaft walls with a minimum thickness of 40 mm



  • Designed for installation from one side
  • Requires only one board in the structural opening
  • Easy & clean installation
  • No need to install a fire-rated frame in front of the seal proper
  • No increased noise levels during installation
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KSL double layer

Fire resistance class

  • EI 120 as per EN 13501-2; tested in 2×20 mm gypsum plaster fire protection boards (GKF)


Area of use

  • Can also be used in 3×15 mm or 2×20 mm shaft walls (as per EN 520)
  • Approved for use with  fibre-reinforced gypsum plasterboards



  • Seal size up to 600×800 mm (WxH)
  • No planking/panelling of the inner surface of the opening required
  • Combustible pipes U/U, tested and approved up to Ø 50 mm
  • Multi-layer composite pipes tested and approved up to Ø 32 mm
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Penetration Sealing of Individual Pipes in Service Shafts

Individual combustible pipes routed through service shafts can be sealed with PYRO-SAFE® DG-SC, a dispersion-based fire protection filler approved for use in any installation scenario.


Fire resistance class

  • max. EI 120 as per EN 13501-2


Area of use

  • Penetration sealing of electrical and piping installations routed through light partition walls, solid walls and floors and loose mineral wool are needed to seal openings and gaps for good



  • Designed for use straight from the cartridge
  • Solvent- and halogen-free
  • Resistant to moisture, UV radiation, solvents and subsequently applied coatings
  • Made in Germany
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