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Tradition, built on the commitment to safety: Rolf Kuhn and svt

The development of customised fire protection structures such as fire protection doors, façades fire protection glazing, fire dampers, safes and safety cabinets requires not only customised procedures, but also customised materials. We offer a range of high-quality fireproof materials made by Rolf Kuhn that fill the bill. The company has been a member of svt Group since 2018. Rolf Kuhn materials are available internationally from svt Products GmbH.

Fireproof materials made by Rolf Kuhn GmbH provide client-specific complex solutions for the processing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) industry, such as cut-to-size insulation mats designed for high-temperature applications and fire protection boards, but we also offer standard products, as the case may be. In everything we do, we are committed to protecting the lives of people, their buildings and all else they value.

We maintain laboratories equipped with special fire testing furnaces and keep honing our know-how in the field of fireproof materials. Our machinery is set up for the production and manufacture of highly customised products so that we are in a position to supply products for fire protection structures in virtually any required form and format. Whether you require a one-off element or serially produced items, we will not only find the solution that best suits the needs of the OEM industry, but will also take care of its technical implementation, thus guaranteeing our partners and clients tailor-made fireproof materials and proper execution. Thanks to our fully integrated process chain, we can deliver reliable products that are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Spot on Building Components: Fireproof Materials for the OEM Industry

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Our Top-Selling Fireproof Materials

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Fireproof materials about which the OEM industry is ablaze with enthusiasm: Discover our long runners such as fire protection boards, intumescent materials and many more.

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Areas of Use of Our Fireproof Materials

Our fireproof materials are used in the most diverse building components and environments. A single click on the markings will take you directly not only to the appropriate area(s) of use, but will also help you to learn about the right fire protection solution in each case.

Passive Fire Protection in Action – Our OEM Industry References

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Whatever the fire protection needs and requirements with which our clients approach us, we will identify and deliver the right solution for any scenario – whether it is insulation mats, tailor-made fire protection boards, reactive building materials or seals and gaskets.

Teckentrup GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Manufacturer of garage doors, non-garage doors and industrial doors

Products: Reactive materials, Profile gaskets, Fire stop boards, Insulation materials, Glazing accessories

Picture: Teckentrup GmbH & Co. KG

HUECK System GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Manufacturer of window, door and façade systems

Products: Reactive materials, Profile gaskets, Fire stop boards, Insulation materials, Glazing accessories

Picture: HUECK System GmbH & Co. KG

System Schröders, Germany

Manufacturer of security doors providing fire resistance, smoke protection, burglar resistance or acoustic protection

Products: Reactive materials, Profile gaskets, Fire stop boards, Insulation materials, Glazing accessories

Picture: System Schröders

Processing Information

Handling Instructions for Expanding Construction Materials

How to Apply Intumescent Building Materials – Watch the Video now!

Joints and gaps in buildings and their components can be effectively fire-proofed with intumescent (foaming) building materials. They are specially designed to expand in the event of fire so as to form a thermally stable barrier. Also, our intumescent tapes are easy to apply. Take a look at our video to find out how it all works and what to remember.

Handling Instructions for Glazing Tape

How to Correctly Apply Glazing Tapes – Here’s the Video!

Special glazing tapes provide reliable protection in the event of a fire because they exhibit outstanding resistance to high temperatures depending on the product up to approx. 1,200 °C. Some of them contain intumescent components, i.e. they will increase their volume in the event of a fire to form an insulating barrier that effectively seals even the smallest joints and cracks. Watch our video and learn first-hand how to apply fire protection fire-resistant glazing tapes and what to bear in mind when using them.

We Are a Leading Supplier of Fireproof Materials for the Processing Industry

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