svt Products expands its product portfolio for rail vehicles

Fire protection and sound decoupling combined in one product range: REGUFOAM FR

  • Exclusive sales partnership between svt Products and REGUPOL in rail technology
  • REGUFOAM FR combines fire protection and sound decoupling and is EN 45545-2:2020 R 10 HL3 certified
  • Fabrication of practical to install cuts enables highly customized application solutions

Hamburg, 13 June 2024

From June onwards, svt Products, a leading provider of passive fire protection for railway vehicles, will take over the exclusive distribution of REGUFOAM FR internationally. The new product from REGUPOL combines fire protection, sound insulation and vibration isolation with equal levels of performance. The material is particularly designed as elastic bearings in floors for the rail vehicles such as high-speed trains and metros. Due to this high-profile cooperation, svt Products is expanding its portfolio to include products for sound decoupling – a further step towards our goal of becoming a one-stop shop for the railway industry.

Vibration insulating product with integrated fire protection complies with the European standard for railway vehicles

REGUFOAM FR is a mixed-cell polyurethane foam certified to DIN EN 45545-2 R10 for railway vehicles. It complies with the Hazard Level 3 (HL3) standard and therefore meets all the protection requirements of the highest hazard level due to its outstanding flame resistance. The REGUFOAM FR product range consists of four standard types covering a load range up to 0.22 N/mm². Applications could include vibration isolation and structure-borne sound decoupling.

For example, the material decouples the wagon floor from the wagon body by reducing the vibrations generated at the elastomer and thus reducing the transmission of structure-borne noise to the wagon floor. This significantly increases travelling comfort in rail vehicles. The material can be used in various thicknesses and dimensions to achieve low natural frequencies of approx. 10 Hz. The material also has a low thickness and is particularly durable. REGUFOAM FR is therefore not only permanently resilient, but also extremely versatile.

REGUFOAM FR is manufactured in four product types as rolls or sheets in a width of 1.50 metres and in two standard thicknesses. Customised cuts are also available (Source: svt Products GmbH).

Two strong companies – one common goal: combining safety and convenience

“Thanks to the partnership with REGUPOL and the associated extension of our portfolio, we can now offer our customers from the rail technology sector a sound damping material for the first time in order to meet the increased fire protection and noise insulation requirements in this industry” says Robert Walendy, Sales Manager Transportation at svt Products. “We are pleased that the further expansion of our know-how means that we can offer passengers not only greater safety but also greater comfort. We have taken the next step towards our goal of becoming a one-stop shop for the rail industry: Reliable multi-functionality paves the way to the future.“

Increased ride comfort and fire protection in one REGUFOAM FR is primarily used and is EN 45545-2 R10 HL3 certified as a material for elastic bearings in rail vehicles. It is used to decouple the carriage floor from the carriage body. This vibration insulation can also be used in other areas of the transport industry. (Source:  svt Products GmbH).
Partners for the product line REGUFOAM FR: Christopher Klinker from REGUPOL and Robert Walendy from svt Products are proud of the first jointly developed vibration isolation material with integrated fire protection. (Source: svt Products GmbH, REGUPOL).

“Increased comfort in rail vehicles is extremely important in order to make this sustainable form of mobility more attractive. This is one of the reasons why we have identified the development of the REGUFOAM FR product range as an important task” explains Christopher Klinker, International Sales Manager at REGUPOL. “The newly designed polyurethane foams meet the highest requirements for vibration insulation and, thanks to the cooperation with svt Products, we can now also take maximum  account the fire protection requirements of modern rail mobility.“

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