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When it comes to fire safety above and below the water line, your protection needs are in the best of hands with the svt Group of Companies! We have developed ship safety systems that are tailored to suit your needs and provide optimum protection. From our new to our proven products – we would have loved to show you round and accompany you personally on your tour of svt’s extensive portfolio at the SMM 2021 trade fair. In order to “show profile”, we have now put together for you on this page all the highlights.

Fire protection for ships and offshore facilities

Whether it’s sealing systems, coatings, fabrics or cable bandages: svt Group of Companies helps ships effectively through any waters. Application of our intumescent (foam-forming) fire protection coatings for cables and carrier systems does not in any way affect the cables’ current-carrying capacity. As an extra option, we offer a protective varnish for use in areas that are subject to increased stress, e. g. chemical exposure.

We also supply a variety of highly resistant cold-curing sealing compounds based on polyurethane or epoxide resin. By the way, svt products and systems provide protection not only from fire, but also from electromagnetic pulses so that they comply with all EMC-related requirements. Our portfolio is rounded out by reliable installation and calculation tools.

GEAQUELLO® E 950 and CPS: one design principle for all your needs

The classic solution – GEAQUELLO® E 950 sealing system


  • High penetration occupancy rate (up to 72.2%)
  • Flexible cable/pipe dimensioning and configuration
  • Easy installation and retrofit

Sealing length:

  • 180 mm

Area of use:

  • Above and below the water line
  • Pipe and cable penetration sealing system certified to fire resistance class A-60 in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC 307(88)for bulkhead and floor penetrations.

Sealing compound:

  • GEAQUELLO® E 950 (pastel pink)
More about GEAQUELLO® E 950

The new-entrant solution – GEAQUELLO® CPS sealing system


  • Short
  • Light-weight
  • Easy installation and retrofit

Sealing length:

  • 130 mm

Area of use:

  • Above the water line
  • Cable penetration sealing system certified to fire resistance class A-60 in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC 307(88) for bulkhead and floor penetrations.

Sealing compound:

  • GEAQUELLO® E 1000 (blue)

All it takes to ensure fast, easy and safe installation of either of  the two systems GEAQUELLO® E 950 and CPS is formwork and sealing compound. And there is even more good news: Both systems excel across the board because the size and geometry of the penetrants (round, oval, rectangular/square) is completely irrelevant. Also, the systems are approved for almost any cable and pipe material. Unlike systems from other manufacturers, GEAQUELLO® E 950 and CPS demonstrably do not require penetrants to be routed in an orthogonal manner, which further facilitates and speeds up application. GEAQUELLO® E 950 and CPS are both certified to SOLAS standards up to fire resistance class A-60. The systems offer enormous benefits in logistical terms, too: The calculation and purchasing process could not be easier, and the low storage space requirement adds another positive aspect.

Effectiveness and efficiency times two!

E 950



The combined use of GEAQUELLO® E 950 and CPS excels across the board as it creates a power pack with a wealth of benefits in its wake:

Identical handling and use

Global approvals

Weight optimisation

Fast installation

Easy calculation

No smoke development

Low transport costs

No hazardous materials

No asbestos involved

Retrofit modules GEAQUELLO® E 234 - the upgrade solution

Start building a safe future today – with GEAQUELLO® E 234! These robust, moisture and humidity-resistant retrofit modules ensure hassle-free retrofitting of cables and pipes of any type. The modules serve as placeholders in penetrations protected with GEAQUELLO® E 950 or CPS sealing systems, and they form a stable insulation layer in the event of a fire. Thanks to the special sealing design, cable and pipe sheaths will not be strained in the retrofitting process.

Add to these benefits that the material of which the retrofit modules are made is not only easy but also fast to perforate – in fact, 5 to 10 times faster than the sealing compound proper. Once the retrofitting is done, our system component GEAQUELLO® E 234 T will ensure smooth process completion: Thanks to the handy cartridges, the remaining annular gap can be filled in a matter of only a few seconds.

More about GEAQUELLO® E 234

Installation videos for our ship safety products

Installation Video - GEAQUELLO® E 950

Installation Video - GEAQUELLO® CPS

Installation Video - GEAQUELLO® E 234

Talk to the experts for customised solutions

We are consistently striving to drive the development of customised fire protection solutions for industrial environments. Ships, for example, pose a variety of safety challenges because combustible surfaces (such as drive shafts) require special protection. We also deliver tried and tested fire protection doors, windows and glazings developed from our long-standing know-how and experience. Breaking waves, salt water, different weather conditions accompanied by temperature variations as well as UV radiation and chemicals exert continuous stress on ships and offshore facilities. We understand what you need, and we can help you with our decades-long experience in the field of fire protection on board – just contact us to set your course to safety!


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