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    Sealing compound

    KERAFIX® Firestop Filler is a single-component intumescent dispersion-based fire protection compound. The universally applicable intumescent filler for interior and exterior use forms an insulating foam body when exposed to high temperature. Special feature: a stable foam body with insensitivity to moisture to the greatest extent possible.


    Applicability certificate

    • Classification E (normal flammability) according to DIN EN 13501-1
    • European Technical Assessment ETA-19/0495

    Areas of application

    • Joints between separating walls
    • Connections between wall and ceiling or floor
    • Openings, cracks, grooves, hollow spaces and joints
    • Fire protection doors and glazing
    • Pipe ducts, cable ducts

    Technical Data

    Composition Solvent and halogen free single-component sealing material
    Material structure Paste-like, flexible material
    Raw density [kg/m3] 1300 (± 10 %)
    Volatile organic compounds (VOC) < 50 g/l (GS-11, Green Seal Standard)
    Start of reaction [°C] From approx. 140
    Foaming factor [x-fold] 15 – 26 (550 °C; 30 min; load)
    Direction of action Three-dimensional
    Foaming inflation body Solid, thermally insulating mass
    Foaming pressure [N/mm2] At least 1.0
    Colour Anthracite

    Supplied forms

    • 310 ml cartridge
    • Special containers are available on request

    Processing and storage

    Processing min. +5 °C bis +25 °C/< 85 % relative humidity Application is done by filling with suitable tools (e.g. hand or compressed air gun), application quantity depends on the openings to be sealed. Ensure that surfaces are free from dust, grease and oil. Close opened cartridges air-tight and use as soon as possible. Protect from frost and heat. Store product vertically. Store in a cool and dry place (+5 °C to +25 °C). Can be stored for at least 12 months in the original unopened container.