Conductive compound

FLAMMADUR® E 711 is an electrically conductive two-component sealing compound formulated on the basis of a solvent free modified epoxy resin. It is perfectly suited for grounding cables which run individually or in bundles through cable penetrations. The vibration-proof compound is highly resistant to ageing and adheres well to a great number of different materials. It also meets the most discriminating demands made in respect of damping and resistance to shocks and salt water.



FLAMMADUR® E 711 is used against EMI in navy vessels around the world. It is capable of replacing metals and is preferably used to connect electrically conductive materials in areas being hard to reach.  The ready mixture can be poured or painted.

Very well established is the combination of E 711 with the fire retardant sealing compound GEAQUELLO® E 950.

German Navy
Navy vessels like frigates 122 and 123
Speed-boots like S77 and S78
Scout and information vessels FD 423
German Police
Canadian Navy
12 city class frigates
4 destroyers
South African Navy
4 MEKO® corvettes