svt Products GmbH and TÜV Rheinland ACT GmbH Join Forces to Maximise the Safety of Lithium-Ion Battery Systems

Seevetal, 05.07.2021: svt Products and TÜV Rheinland ACT have embarked on a cooperation to test the safety of battery storage systems for electromobility applications. Drawing on their combined expertise, the two cooperation partners offer a unique range of fire protection testing services at the new battery test centre of TÜV Rheinland ACT located in Aachen, Germany. On behalf of manufacturers, svt fire protection components for battery storage systems will be developed to the point of marketability, further to which they will be tested and certified in accordance with the pertinent national and international standards. The test centre in Aachen is equipped to induce thermal runaway events in battery systems in a controlled environment, with a view to ascertaining the effectiveness of the fire safety means and measures employed.

svt Products brings to the collaborative partnership its extensive professional expertise in passive fire protection, with a special focus on solutions in the field of battery safety, while TÜV Rheinland ACT contributes at its Aachen location the specialist know-how of its well-established experts along with testing resources and a wide range of testing services revolving around battery technology. The joint effort of svt Products and TÜV Rheinland ACT is geared to maximising the reliability and performance of fire protection systems throughout the entire battery lifecycle. The safety of the systems developed by svt is ensured by means of extensive fire tests conducted at Germany’s most advanced test centre in accordance with a variety of different national and international regulations and standards. Once expansion of the Aachen site is complete in 2022, it will be equipped for testing even larger battery systems with capacities of at least 150 kWh, dimensions of at least 2.3m x 1.6m x 0.4m and a weight of approx. 800 kg.

TÜV Rheinland Test von Batteriespeichern
Fire protection for battery storage systems in focus / Testing capabilities for clients of svt and TÜV Rheinland in a new laboratory situated near Aachen (Germany) / Compliance with international and manufacturer-specific standards for enhanced safety

Patented pre-tests and fire classification tests to UL 94

Before svt’s fire protection solutions undergo collaborative testing with TÜV Rheinland ACT, they are subjected to svt’s specially patented pre-testing system, whereby different hazardous situations are simulated: The fire protection materials are exposed not only to extreme temperatures of  > 1,000 degrees, but also to particle impact. The duration and intensity of the stresses acting on fire protection systems during a test can be adjusted as required. These pre-tests enable svt to speedily arrive at an optimised pre-selection of materials. With this patented method, svt has tested and evaluated over 180 different materials and material combinations to date. svt’s laboratory is also equipped to conduct exploratory fire rating tests to UL 94.

“Expanding our own test capabilities testing by liaising with external professionals such as TÜV Rheinland is extremely important for us as a group of companies with innovative drive across Europe because the market for electromobility is experiencing a highly dynamic development. Our industry clients, especially those engaged in transport/mobility units, rely on collaborative development. Our youngest market segment “Battery Safety” thus calls for leading-edge test facilities and methods that enable us to perform tests on safe systems in combination and interaction with our fire protection components and to qualify them. As we find all of these needs met at TÜV Rheinland, we look forward to a successful long-term relationship“, explains Robert Walendy, Sales Director at svt Industry.

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