The retrofit modules GEAQUELLO® E 234 consist of a flame-resistant and a swelling fire protecting material based on polyurethane. GEAQUELLO® E 234 is free of fibres and solvents.


The formed parts of GEAQUELLO® E 234 are used as retrofit modules (placeholders) for cable and pipe penetrations in the sealing system GEAQUELLO® E 950 or CPS. The modules are to be placed in the sealing compound by the user. In case of fire GEAQUELLO®
E 234 develops a stable insulating layer with reduced temperature effect and an expansion pressure, which can be used mechanically, for example in order to seal off the flammable pipes according to SOLAS requirements. GEAQUELLO® E 234 modules are insensible to moisture and extensively consistent to typical technical oils, depleted acidity and leaches. They have no negative influence on the materials, which you get in contact with.

Areas of application

  • In the sealing system GEAQUELLO® E 950
  • In the sealing system GEAQUELLO® CPS
  • Maritime, Offshore
  • SOLAS / IMO approval: A 60, water- and gastight


  • The design of the retrofit modules provides maximum safety during the process of retrofitting cables and pipes
  • Approved within the GEAQUELLO® Certificate
  • Cost-efficient, fast and safe retrofit solution

Product features

  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 300, 760, 1500 g
  • Operation temperature: -50 °C to +80 °C
  • Shore hardness (DIN 53505): 88 – 92 Shore A
  • Expansion pressure (300 °C):  0.6 – 1.2 N/mm2
  • Expansion (450 °C): 17 – 26 fold
  • Storage: Store it dry


GEAQUELLO® E 234 retrofit modules will be graded and available in D1 40-90 mm diameters. Tested media: Cable until D2 37 mm; flammable pipes until Ø D2 63 mm; metal pipes until Ø D2 22 mm. The distance to the other compounds should be of two R 312 / R 380 BAND SIZES: The annular gap should be of at least 8 mm after the drilling. It will be filled with material cartridges of GEAQUELLO® E 234 T.