Airport Munich


The Franz Josef Strauss Airport in Munich took up its new satellite terminal in April 2016! After Terminal 2, which had been completed in 2003, exceeded the nominal limit of 25 million passengers per year, an extension was planned around a satellite terminal on the eastern apron.

The focus was on clarity, transparency and orientation. Furthermore, the current apron tower was included in the planning. It now forms the centrepiece of a light-flooded central market square, which with its fl air and wide range of things on offer, is the highlight of the new building.

Volkswagen Wolfsburg


The two-storied new building, which integrates state-of-the-art IT technology on 2000 square meters, is equipped with the highest international safety standards. High-performance power sets and kinetic energy storage units ensure continuous operational reliability in the event of voltage changes. The data is backuped by constantly mirrored storages.

Tunnel Gdansk


The tunnel lining is subject to quite special conditions and the fire proofing system used must meet all the requirements. The task was to comply with the protection requirements of a long, right-angled tunnel with an approximately 45,000 m² surface area and to achieve a class R240 fi re-resistance rating as determined by the hydrocarbon curve.

Prime Tower Zurich, SUI
  • 126 metres high, 36 storeys and 39,500 m² of floor space
  • Systems: cable and multiple penetration seal solutions made by svt
  • partner: AGI AG für Isolierungen
Refinery Sines, POR
  • one of Europe’s largest refineries
  • capacity: 10 million t a year, or, putting it another way, 220,000 barrels a day
  • cables are protected with PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect-A
  • partner: TRIA – Serviços, Materiais e Equipamentos, Lda.
Energy projects, ME
  • property projects, industrial estates, airports, tunnels and more
  • e.g. 13.6 km long utility tunnel: about 37,000 m² HV cable surfaces protected according to FM Approval Class 3971
  • PYRO-SAFE® cable coatings and penetration seals
Eurotower Frankfurt, GER
  • 148 meters high, 40 storeys, 78.000 m² of floor space
  • approx. 950 workplaces
  • PYRO-SAFE® cable and multiple penetration seal solutions
Old goods station Freiburg, GER
  • Formerly a goods station
  • Cable penetration seals and cable coating have been installed
  • Systems: PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect COMBI 90 soft firestop, PYRO-SAFE® Novasit COMBI 90 firestop, PYRO-SAFE® Universal-V firestop board
University hospital Jena, GER
  • Approx. 49,000m² of floorspace
  • mortar/soft seals and cable ducts are being installed
  • Systems: PYRO-SAFE® FLAMMOTECT/Sibralit COMBI 90, PYRO-SAFE® Novasit COMBI 90 and PYRO-SAFE® Universal-V
Cement and paper plants, THA
  • cable penetration seals and cable coating have been installed
  • cable protection in electrical rooms, transformer rooms and cable tunnels
  • partner: Seri F.P. Co. Ltd.
Shopping centre Leverkusen, GER
  • roughly 120 trade stores, cafés, restaurants and service businesses on 3 stories and across a sales area of 22,600 m²
  • glass rotunda that stretches across two stories and 5,000 m²
  • 950 workplaces
  • 30,000 visitors per day
  • cable and pipe penetration seals R90/S90, PYRO-SAFE® Flammotect bulkhead COMBI S90, Mortar bulkhead S90, cable ducts, cable bandages and fire protection blankets F90
Concert Hall Ureki, GEO
  • Opening of the concert Hall in July 2016
  • Fire protection systems: 1,200 PYRO-SAFE® Combi Bulkheads
  • partner: HESTIA Protection