Acrylic fire protection filler

Physically drying, acrylic-dispersion-based sealant.

Field of Application

For sealing connections and joints with moderate tensile stress and without constant exposure to moisture, e.g. between concrete, brickwork, plastered surfaces, fi bre cement, plasterboard, bare and anodized aluminum, wood and rigid PVC.

Applicability certificate

Tested and approved according to national and international standards as e.g.:
DIN, EN, other standards on request

Product Features

Halogen-, solvent-, isocyanate- und silicone-free, odor-neutral, compatible with coatings, overpaintable, very long shelflife, ageing- and weatherresistant, good UV-resistance, watersoluble.


  • Application temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C
  • Pretreat with diluted filler for optimal adhesion to surface
  • Other indications observe mounting instructions.


12 linear meter for joint dimensions of 5 x 5 mm can be achieved with one cartridge. For joint dimensions 10 x 10 mm approx.
3 linear meters can be realized with one catridge.

Fire rating of systems
Up to 2 hours

Ordering information

  • Cartridges of 310 ml, 15 catridges per carton.
  • Sausage of 600 ml, 20 sausages per carton.

Frost-free. Cool and dry (+5 °C up to +25 °C)

Safety Instruction
Please refer to our MSDS (safety data sheet).

Technical Data

Color light grey
Density (DIN 53217) ca. 1.56 ± 0.04 g/cm3
Load stability (DIN EN ISO 7390) ≤ 2 mm
Skinning Time

(23°C / 50% rel. humidity)

approx. 10 min
Penetration (DIN 51 579. 5 sec)
approx. 250 ± 30 1/10 mm
approx. 7,5%
Shore A hardness (DIN 53505, 28d NK) 15 ± 5 units
Mass reduction (ISO 10563)
max. 15%
Temperature load (fully cured)
-25°C up to +80°C