Fire protection coating

PYRO-SAFE® DG-SKN is a single-component water based dispersions. The VOC content is clearly below the limitation values specified in Chem VOC Paint V (2001/24/EC). The product is moisture and UV resistant and resistant against many chemicals. It possesses excellent adhesion properties for application on timber, metal, plastic and fabric-based materials. The coating is viscoplastic after drying and offers very high resistance to mechanical impact. PYRO-SAFE® DG-SKN is available in anthracite (standard), grey, black or red.

Field of Application

PYRO-SAFE® DG-SKN can be applied on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Product Features

  • VOC content clearly below the limitation values specified in Chem VOC Paint V (2001/24/EC)
  • Viscoplastic
  • High resistance to mechanical impact
  • Customized viscosity adjustment possible
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Humidity and UV resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Can be used on many different material surfaces (metal, timber, plastic, fabric)
  • Resistant against many chemicals
  • Early and very rapid foaming at +150 °C
  • High foaming pressure (up to 1.65 N/mm²)
  • Up to approx. 50-fold expansion rate
  • Sound deadening
  • No Topcoat necessary
  • Flexible
  • Light weight
  • 1K-Material
  • High stability grade


  • PYRO-SAFE® DG-SKN designed for application by air-less spraying (nozzle opening ≥ 0.061 inches = 1.54 mm) or compressed-air spraying (nozzle opening ≥ 3.5 mm).


  • The product meets the requirements of R1 / R7 for hazard levels HL1-HL3 set out in DIN EN 45545-2 (02/2016)
    RST PB-Nr. P60-16-8098
  • The product meets the requirements set out in DIN 5510:Part 2 (05/2009)
    RST PB-Nr. P60-17-0313/-3168
  • The product meets the requirements applicable to vehicles in categories Ia, Ib and II in acc. with BS 476: Part 7: 1997, BS 6853: 1999 Annex B.2 and D.8.4
    Exova PB-Nr. 376161
  • Humidity resistance testing to DIN EN ISO 6270-1
    ILF PB-Nr. 161067.2
  • Sound insulation, loss factor determination in acc. with EN ISO 6721-3
    Müller-BBM PB-Nr. M124497/01