Fire protection fabric

PYRO-SAFE® DG-CR is a flexible self-adhesive composite fibre glass fabric with grey external PU coating and internal black or red-coloured thermoplastic intumescent coating.

Field of Application

PYRO-SAFE® DG-CR is used in various applications, e.g. as a cable wrap or cable bandage.

Product Features

  • Resistant against many chemicals and to mechanical impact
  • Early and rapid foaming at 150 °C
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Humidity and UV resistant


  • Processing temperature +5 °C – +50 °C, < +5 °C loss of flexibility
  • (Pre-)cut with ordinary cutting tools, e.g. scissors or utility knives


  • The product meets the requirements of R22 / R23 for hazard level HL3 set out in DIN EN 45545-2:2013-08
  • The product meets the requirements of R1 / R7 for hazard levels HL3 set out in DIN EN 45545-2:2016-02