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Non-Combustible Lamella Mat

Non-Combustible Lamella Mat

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Non-Combustible Lamella Mat

Non-Combustible Lamella Mat

Mat made of rock wool with one-sided lattice-reinforced aluminium lamination. The lamella mat has a heat-insulating and sound-absorbing effect and is highly flexible and at the same time pressure-resistant.

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Field of Application

  • For the sheathing of non-combustible pipes as fire protection sectional or protective insulation in pipe and mixed penetration seals in walls and floors
  • Application for the production of fire protection joints
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  • Type approval No.: Z-23.14-1115
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Field of Application

Insulation for non-combustible pipes passing penetration seals in walls and floors.

Reaction to fire classification

A2 according to DIN 4102-1

Product Features

The special manufacturing process of the rock wool lamella mat provides a high degree of flexibility while offering pressure resistance at the same time. It has a mineral wool structure with a mostly vertical direction towards the mat level. It is covered on one side with a wire net-reinforced aluminium foil, is heat insulating and sound absorbing.


Easy and uncomplicated handling.

Technical Data

Melting point ≥ 1.000 °C
Gross density approx. 40 – 50 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity λ 0,040 W/mK (according to DIN 13162)
Format Roll 8,000 x 500 mm
30 mm

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Non-Combustible Lamella Mat

Non-Combustible Lamella Mat