Sealing system

    Cable penetration system in fire resistance class A-60 according to IMO-Resolution A.754(18) for bulkhead and floor penetrations. Sealing length 130 mm.


    Areas of use

    • Shipbuilding
    • Cable penetrations


    • Removable, easy to retrofit with GEAQUELLO® E 234
    • Fire-resistant and gas-tight (in accordance with SOLAS / IMO)
    • 130 mm sealing length, certified for round, oval and square penetrations in floors and bulkheads
    • Easy processing – even with varying cable diameters
    • All system components react neutrally, are physiologically harmless and not subject to classification
    • With the GEAQUELLO® E 234 retrofit modules, cables can be retrofitted very easily and quickly
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors (in conjunction with FLAMMADUR® E 292)
    • Can be combined with protection against electromagnetic pulses (EMC / EMI / EMP) with the FLAMMADUR® E 711 System


    Installation Video - GEAQUELLO® CPS