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Fire stop compound

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Fire stop compound

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Application Details

Because of it`s thixotrope consistency also thick layers of FLAMRO BML can be applied in one operation. It can be applied above head or can be sprayed and does not drop or slip off or get fissures during the process of drying if the ambient temperature is approximately 20 °C and relative air moisture is 60% to 70%. In case of lower ambient temperature or higher air moisture more drying time will be required. In such cases FLAMRO BML should be applied in several thin layers, to facilitate the quick evaporation of the water. FLAMRO BML cannot be used at ambient temperatures below 5 °C.

In areas of high infestation by microbes (outdoor application under a shelter, composting plants, tropic areas etc.) FLAMRO BML containing film preservatives should be used. In such cases please contact your deliverer.

Shelf-life: Sealed in original containers at room temperature at least 1 year

Storage: 5°C – 30°C – to be protected against frost and direct sunlight

Packing: Plastic buckets with 12.5 kg and 25 kg net

Technical Data

Odour Slight
Binding agent Special dispersion – solventless
Pigments / fillers Not combustible and flame retardant pigments and fillers
pH-value Approx. 7 – 8
Thixotrop (approx. 225 dPas at 20 °C-22 °C, Haake Viscotester VT-02)
Solids Approx. 55 %
Hazard class Not hazardous according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
Equipment cleaning Clean with water immediately after use
Consumption Approx. 1.6 kg/m2 for a dry film thickness of 1 mm
Surface Surfaces must be stable, clean and free of grease and dust; steel and iron parts should be protected against corrosion in case of outdoor application under a shelter or in environments with high humidity.
Limited oxygen index (LOI) Approx. 27 % , measured on approx. 1 mm thick films
Classification according to EN 13501-1 E, according EN 13501-1 and EN ISO 11925-2, measured on 1 mm thick films
Solvents <3 %
Application temperature Do not use at temperatures below 5 °C
Thinner Clean water
Temperature resistance The dried through coatings withstand temperatures from -20 °C – + 70 °C
Weathering Dried through coatings are not allowed to be directly exposed to the influences of the weather such as driving rain or UV-radiation ( Y2 according EOTA TR 024)

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Fire stop compound