Sealing compound

    FLAMMADUR® E 292 is a flame-resistant, flexible, cold-curing polyurethane mixture. It consists of two components and is designed for use in temperature ranges from -40 to +90 °C. FLAMMADUR® E 292 is particularly suitable for use as an anticorrosion or sealing coat, or as a casting resin with electrically insulating properties in heavy-duty applications. It is applied as a humidity-resistant, gas and water pressure-tight coating, casting or trowelling (filler) compound for cable, fibreglass (fibre optic) and pipe penetrations as well as for sealing electrical components, including high-voltage components (e.g. power rails).

    Field of Application

    FLAMMADUR® E 292 can be applied on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

    Product features

    • Halogen-free and cold-hardening material
    • Insensitive to humidity and largely resistant to common technical oils and weak acids as well as alkaline solutions
    • Colour: brown
    • Application temperature: > +5 °C / rel. humidity < 80 %
    • Water and gas-tight
    • Pot life: approx. 60min
    • Curing time: 16-24 hours


    • The sealing compound is obtained by carefully mixing the hardener component into the resin (until the mixture is evenly coloured throughout and thus homogeneous).
    • Start the mixing process by piercing the lid’s plastic insert (tin) from the cap to the base (using a screwdriver or a similar tool) so as to allow the hardener stored in the tin to drain downward into the resin stored in the sufficiently dimensioned master container.
    • If larger quantities are prepared with individual components, the resin and the hardener must be mixed in a ratio of 100 parts by weight of the resin to 10 parts by weight of the hardener.
    • If the mixture is prepared by hand (approx. 5 minutes) or with a stirring device (3 – 5 minutes), any deposits that may have accumulated at the base of the container must be detached completely and incorporated into the mixture.
    • Depending on ambient temperature and batch size, the ready-to-use mixture remains workable for approx. 40 – 60 minutes.
    • Neither the components nor the uncured mixture must be allowed to come into contact with any type of humidity. Humidity can produce unwanted chemical reactions, causes the material to foam up and affects its properties.