Sealing compound

Water resistant, fire retardant sealing compound.


FLAMMADUR® A 386 is used as water resistant sealing compound for cable penetrations and cable bulkheads.

Product features

FLAMMADUR® A 386 is a flame resistant and flexible sealing compound. It consists of 2 components (resin and hardener), is of brown colour and can be used at temperatures between  – 30 °C and + 90 °C.

FLAMMADUR® A 386 is halogenous-free and cold hardening. The hardened sealing compound FLAMMADUR® A 386 is water resistant and to a large extent resistant against usual technical oils and weak / diluted acids and caustic solutions.

It is recommended to see also Safety data sheets A 386 (Resin) and A 386/H (Hardener).