FLAMRO® Variant N III Wrap

FLAMRO® Variant N III Wrap

Special Benefits

  • Only one product for a wide range of pipes
  • Easy and excellent usability
  • Flexibel and easy installation
  • Suitable for the application in wet and humid areas

Applicability certificate

Certificate of constancy of performance 0761 – CPR – 0500
UL approved

Permitted Configuration

  • Plastic pipes up to ∅ 200 mm
  • Insulated and uninsulated combustible pipes and sound-isolated sewer pipes
  • Uninsulated plastic pipes
  • Synthetic rubber insulated plastic pipes up to ∅ 110 mm

Form of Delivery

Article Description Content / Dimensions Art. No.
FLAMRO Variant N III Wrap, self-adhesive 12500 x 50 x 2 mm 15512