Non combustible sealant

FLAMRO-KL non-combustible sealant is an environment-friendly, non-combustible ablation coating on purely anorganic basis. It is solvent-free and asbestos-free.

Application Areas

  • Cable foreclosures
  • For closing joints between FLAMRO BSB-K fire protection blocks and for coating installations

Application Details

The optimal processing temperature of FLAMRO-KL ranges from 15 °C – 25 °C and within a relative air humidity from 60 % – 70 %. However, the product should not be used in an ambient temperatur below 5 °C. Good ventilation is necessary for the fire protection mortar to dry.

  • Shell-life: In sealed, original packages, within room temperatur at least 1 year, 5 °C – 30 °C, protect against frost and direct sun exposure
  • Packaging: Plastic bucket with 5 kg and cartridges with 0.5 kg netto

Technical Data

Composition Anorganic – siliceous – watery (halogen-free)
Binding agent Siliceous solidification after evaporation of water
Pigments/Fillers Anorganic pigments and fillers
pH-value Ca. 11
Color Cement-grey
Viscosity Pasty, (350 – 550 dPas at 20 °C – 22 °C, Haake Viscotester VT-02)
Fire behaviour Non-flammable (hardened product) A1 according to EN 13501-1
Solids Ca. 64 %
Density 1600 kg/cm³ ± 10 %
Toxicity The mixture is not designated hazardous according to act (EG) No. 1272/2008. Please observe the information on
our safety data.
Equipment cleaning Clean with water immediately after use
Drying time 8 – 10 hrs (20 °C/ 65 % rel. air humidity)
Surface Surface must be stable, clean and free of oil and grease.
Moisture resistance The properties of the glue do not change in indoor use throughout time. Must not be exposed to weather and