Fire protection bricks

The FLAMRO BSB-K Fire Protection Plugs are elastic polymer foam elements that have been developed specifically for the permanent and temporary sealing of cable ducts in lightweight partition walls, rigid walls and ceilings.

Application Areas

  • In min. 122 mm thick walls made from masonry, concrete or cellular concrete
  • In min. 122 mm thick lightweight partition walls with posts made from wood or steel

Application Details

Optimal working temperature: ≥ 20°C. At ambient temperatures above 20°C the FLAMRO BSB-K Fire Protection Plugs demonstrate high elasticity. At low temperatures heat the plugs slightly for installation. FLAMRO KL Coating Material must be used for filling interstices between cables and for coating cables.

Additional information on this topic may be found in the Installation Instructions. In regions where there is a higher risk of attack from microbes (tropical regions, composting plants etc.), FLAMRO BSB K Fire Protection Plugs should be used with a preserving agent. In such cases, please contact the supplier.

The material may be worked without any difficulty using a box cutter and / or serrated knife

Spec. Weight
350 ± 35 kg/m³

1 PU (box, 20 items)

Technical Data

Base Polyurethane
Filling material Inorganic and organic flame retardants, pigments, asbestos-free
Operating method
Intumescent material, DIBt abZ Nr. Z-19.11-1795
Shade Light grey to grey
Toxicity Not subject to labelling under Ordinance on Hazard Substances
Appearance Elastic moulded body
Substrate No special requirements,. The seal soffits must be dusted before inserting the BSB-K Fire Protection Plugs.