Sealing system

GEAQUELLO® E 950 is a sealing system for making removable, fire-retardant, gas- and watertight cable and pipe ducts for ships and offshore applications.

Field of application

GEAQUELLO® has successfully passed various tests on water tightness up to pressure of 2.5 bar and all necessary fire tests for A 60 and offshore. It is approved by all reputable classification societies and national authorities. The test surpass the safety requirements of the IMO-Resolution A.754(18)/ FTP-Code 2010 (Resolution) MSC.307(88) regulations for divisional surfaces of the type A-60.

Fire / temperature rating

  • A – 60 IMO-Resolution A.754(18);
  • FTP-Code 2010 (Resolution) MSC.307(88)


Our products are certified by

  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Transport Canada
  • Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

Product features

  • Removable
  • Fire retardant, gas- and watertight (in accordance with SOLAS / IMO)
  • Sealing length 180 mm
  • Easy application – no adapters, moulded components or subdivers are required for installation, in spite of varying cable and pipe diameters
  • For retrofitting, the sealing compound can be removed on every time
  • Easy cable and pipe retrofitting with GEAQUELLO® E 234 retrofit modules
  • Indoor and outdoor application
  • EMC / EMI penetration system in combination with FLAMMADUR® E 711 highly conductive sealing compound

System components

  • GEAQUELLO® E 950 Sealing compound
  • GEAQUELLO® R 312 / R 380 Retaining modules
  • GEAQUELLO® E 824 Impregnation fluid
  • GEAQUELLO® E 234 Retrofit modules
  • FLAMMADUR® E 292 T
  • FLAMMADUR® A 365 Strip
  • FLAMMADUR® E 292 Top sealing compound
  • FLAMMADUR® A 386 Top sealing compound
  • GEAQUELLO® E 234 T Two component putty