svt – Full-Service Provider in the Field of Passive Fire Protection

For over 50 years the svt Group of Companies has been one of the leading full-service providers in the field of passive structural fire protection in Europe. Our highly effective PYRO-SAFE®, ROKU®, KERAFIX®, FLAMRO®, FLAMMADUR®, GEAQUELLO®, FLEXILODICE®, VENTILODICE®, MORTON®, PYROGUARD and FIREBREATHER® fire protection products offer the most comprehensive portfolio designed for structural engineering and industrial construction, as well as industrial applications in the fields of energy, aviation, ships, rolling stock, doors & glazing and battery safety:

  • Firestop barriers for cables, for combustible and non-combustible pipes
  • Fire protective sealing systems for ducts and conduits
  • Intumescent and ablative coatings for cables and structural steel
  • Wraps, collars, pillows, caulks, fillers and other materials
  • Fire protection compounds, granulates, firestop boards, glazing blocks and strips
  • Fire safety glass

Sharing One Goal: Customised Solutions to Meet Your Fire Protection Requirements

svt is your partner of choice when it comes to delivering certified standard solutions and devising customised solutions that meet the most stringent of fire protection requirements.

svt stands for high quality solutions: Our in-house research & development centres, for example, are tied in with production facilities and testing furnaces at several locations. Continuous optimisation and customisation of our existing fire protection products and systems are as much our focus as is the development of innovations geared to the needs of our customers.

It goes without saying that in everything we do we comply with all safety at work and environmental protection regulations. Our internal Quality Management system and certification to SCCP and ISO 9001 ensure and provide evidence of our consistent compliance with high standards.

This uncompromising quality approach has made svt a leader in the market.

The svt Group of Companies

svt is the go-to full-service provider in the fields of passive structural fire protection, damage restoration and fire protection concepts. Our portfolio includes products of svt, Rolf Kuhn, Flamro, AIK, Odice, Securo, DDL and TFS Group. Moreover we run a widespread network of fire protection and damage restoration services. With more than 1800 people in more than 80 national and international subsidiaries and a network of partners in several countries, we are excellently positioned around the globe.

Who We Are

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Our Passion Is Innovation

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